Fleetwood mac. Fleetwood mac 1969 to 1972 (LP)

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LP Fleetwood mac. Fleetwood mac 1969 to 1972 (LP)
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Fleetwood mac. Fleetwood mac 1969 to 1972 (LP)

Исполнитель: "Fleetwood Mac"
Производство: Rhino Records
2013 год., США
Количество дисков: 5
Цвет винила: Черный
Тип носителя: LP (Виниловая пластинка)
Упаковка: Бокс-сет (Box set)
Штрихкод: 0081227965358
Номер товара: 88516

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От издателя об этом LP:
2013 Box set remastering of the first 4 Reprise albums of Fleetwood Mac on 140 gram vinyl, plus the 7" single for "Oh Well". This is for the US pressings. Limited edition.

Fleetwood Mac: 1969-1972 features four complete albums Then Play On (1969), Kiln House (1970), Future Games (1971) and Bare Trees (1972) housed in a striking black slipcase. To ensure superb sound quality, Chris Bellman at Bernie Grundman Mastering cut the lacquers for all four albums. The records look as good as they sound thanks to authentically reproduced packages, including gatefolds for Then Play On and Kiln House and single sleeves for Future Games and Bare Trees.

The set follows the band through an early transitional period. With Kiln House, Fleetwood Mac began moving toward a more melodic pop sound on songs like "Mission Bell" and "One Together. " At the time, the band included: Jeremy Spencer (guitar, vocals, piano), Kirwan (guitar, vocals), John McVie (bass) and Mick Fleetwood (drums). Christine McVie was at the recording sessions and contributed backing vocals and the album s cover art, but she did not join the band until shortly after the album was finished.

The band s shift toward pop and folk styles continued on Future Games with songs like "Show Me A Smile" and "Morning Rain. " This marks the first Fleetwood Mac album with Christine McVie as a full band member as well as the Mac debut of Bob Welch on guitar.

The line-up stayed the same for Bare Trees, which boasts a consistently strong collection of songs like McVie s "Spare Me A Little Of Your Love, " Kirwan s "Dust" and Welch s "Sentimental Lady. " Although Kirwan was a dominant figure during the recording, penning half of the songs, this would ultimately be his last appearance on a Fleetwood Mac album.

LP 1 Then Play On
LP 2 Kiln House
LP 3 Future Games
LP 4 Bare Trees
LP 5 Oh Well
Дополнительные материалы:

- 4LP 12" винил 140 г
- 7" vinyl single

Список музыкальных треков:

1. SIDE 1 Coming Your Way
2. Closing My Eyes
3. Fighting For Madge
4. When You Say
5. Show-Biz Blues
6. Under Way
7. One Sunny Day
8. SIDE 2 Although The Sun Is Shining
9. Rattlesnake Shake
10. Without You
11. Searching For Madge
12. My Dream
13. Like Crying
14. Before The Beginning
15. SIDE 3 This Is The Rock
16. Station Man
17. Blood On The Floor
18. Hi Ho Silver
19. Jewel Eyed Judy
20. SIDE 4 Buddy's Song
21. Earl Gray
22. One Together
23. Tell Me All The Things You Do
24. Mission Bell
25. SIDE 5 Woman Of A Thousand Years
26. Morning Rain
27. What A Shame
28. Future Games
29. SIDE 6 Sands Of Time
30. Sometimes
31. Lay It All Down
32. Show Me A Smile
33. SIDE 7 Child Of Mine
34. The Ghost
35. Homeward Bound
36. Sunny Side Of Heaven
37. SIDE 8 Bare Trees
38. Sentimental Lady
39. Danny's Chant
40. Spare Me A Little Of Your Love
41. Dust
42. Thoughts Of A Grey Day
43. SIDE 9 Oh Well - Pt. I
44. SIDE 10 Oh Well - Pt. II

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