High school rock. Teenage ballads
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Audio CD High school rock. Teenage ballads

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High school rock. Teenage ballads

Производство: Intense Media Ltd.
2013 год., Европейский Союз
Количество дисков: 10
Тип носителя: Audio CD
Упаковка: Бокс-сет (Box set)
Штрихкод: 4053796000262
Номер товара: 100378

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От издателя об этом Audio CD:

Hier ist nun die zweite Ausgabe mit tollen Titeln aus der „High School Ära“. Bekannte Songs und Interpreten wechseln sich ab mit neuen Titeln und neuen Gesichtern. Wieder haben wir 200 Songs – mal rockig, mal soft – aus den 1950er Jahren zusammengestellt. Bekannte Hits und absolute Raritäten gibt es hier zu hören. Selbstverständlich sind hier nur Originalaufnahmen zum Zuge gekommen. Dopplungen von Titeln aus der ersten „High School Rock & Roll“ - Box gibt es natürlich nicht.

Список музыкальных треков:

1. Диск 1 Jerry Lee Lewis: High School Confidential
2. Ral Donner :That´s Alright With Me
3. Jimmy Isle :Goin´ Wild
4. Pat Boone :Two Hearts Two Kisses
5. Dean Beard :Little Lover
6. Sanford Clark :The Fool
7. Ray Peterson: Corrrina, Corrina
8. Mark Taylor: I´m Waiting Just for You
9. Jimmy Clanton: Just a Dream
10. Jimmie Rodgers :Honeycomb
11. Jimmie Helms :It Was Ours
12. Johnny Preston: Charming Billy
13. Conway Twitty: Mona Lisa
14. The Kingston Trio :Tom Dooley
15. Bobby Day: Over and Over
16. Guy Mitchell: Rock-A- Billy
17. The Johnson Brothers :Find Another Heart
18. Charlie Rich: Whirlwind
19. Melvin Endsley: I Like Your Kind of Love
20. Chuck Berry :School Day
21. Диск 2 Gene Summers: School of Rock and Roll
22. Freddie Cannon :Way Down Yonder in New Orleans
23. The Four Preps: Big Man
24. Emile Ford & The Checkmates :What Do You Want to Make Those Eyes At Me for
25. Tony Bennett: In the Middle of an Island
26. Pat Boone: Hoboken Baby
27. Phil Phillips & The Twilights :Sea of Love
28. Jimmy Isle :Diamond Ring
29. Jerry Keller :Here Comes Summer
30. Jimmie Rodgers: Ring a Ling a Lario
31. Buddy Holly :Listen to Me
32. Ral Donner :Tell Me Why
33. Shirley Bassey: Kiss Me Honey Honey Kiss Me
34. Conway Twitty: I Vibrate
35. Perry Como: Round and Round
36. Johnny Preston: Sitting Here Crying
37. The Poni-Tails :Born Too Late
38. Sanford Clark :Sing ´Em Some Blues
39. The Gaylords :Sweeter Than You
40. Bob Luman :Class of ´59
41. Диск 3 Larry Williams: Little School Girl (Williams)
42. Johnny Preston: Cradle of Love (Gray / Fautheree)
43. Charlie Rich :Everything I Do Is Wrong
44. Jimmie Rodgers: Froggy Went a Courting
45. Don Gibson :Sweet Dreams (Gibson)
46. The Johnson Brothers: Love Ain´t Got a Thing
47. John Buck & The Blazers: Chi Chi
48. Ray Peterson :The Wonder of You (Knight)
49. Marty Robbins :Stairway of Love (Bennett / Tepper)
50. Sanford Clark :Go On Home (Cole / Clark)
51. Bobby Helms: My Special Angel (Duncan)
52. Conway Twitty :It´s Only Make Believe
53. Laurie London :He´s Got the Whole World in His Hands
54. Jimmy Isle :Without a Love
55. Pat Boone: Bingo
56. Buddy Holly: Maybe Baby (Petty / Hardin)
57. Guy Mitchell :Singing the Blues
58. Jimmy Clanton: You Aim to Please (Clanton / Matassa)
59. Harry Belafonte :Coconut Woman (Belafonte)
60. Dave Rich :School Blues
61. Диск 4 Chubby Checker :The Class (Mann)
62. Melvin Endsley :I Got a Feelin´
63. Johnny Preston: I Want a Rock and Roll Guitar (Richardson)
64. Tommy Edwards :It´s All in the Game (Dawes / Sigman)
65. Jimmie Rodgers :Kisses Sweeter Than Wine
66. Mitch Miller :March of the River Kwai (Arnold)
67. Sanford Clark: Run Boy Run
68. Perry Como :Mandolins in the Moonlight (Weiss / Schroeder)
69. Johnnie Ray :Just Walking in the Rain (Bragg / Riley)
70. Jimmy Isle :Billy Boy
71. Paul Anka :You Are My Destiny (Anka)
72. Conway Twitty: Shake It Up (Twitty)
73. Dave Burton :Rock and Roll Ruby (Cash)
74. Floyd Robinson :The Man in the Moon Is a Lady (Robinson)
75. Pat Boone :Money Honey (Stone)
76. Mark Dinning :Teen Angel (Surrey / Surrey)
77. Cliff Richard :I Gotta Know (Evans / Williams)
78. Bobby Day: Rockin´ Robin (Thomas)
79. The Ames Brothers :Rockin´ Shoes (Hill / Stevenson)
80. Tommy Facenda :High School USA (Facenda)
81. Диск 5 Floyd Robinson :Back in School Again
82. The Sprouts :Goodbye She´s Gone
83. Sanford Clark: Son of a Gun
84. Jack Clement :Edge of Town
85. Conway Twitty :The Story of My Love
86. Pat Boone: I´m in Love With You
87. Bob Luman :Let´s Think About Living (Bryant)
88. Jimmie Rodgers :Woman from Liberia (Whiting / Rodgers)
89. Tony Bellus :Robbin´ the Cradle (Anthony / Bellusci)
90. Ray Peterson :Tell Laura I Love Her (Barry / Raleigh)
91. Charlie Rich :Philadelphia Baby
92. Larry Hall :Sandy (Fell)
93. Jimmy Isle :Stay By My Side
94. Johnny Burnette :You´re Sixteen (Sherman / Sherman)
95. Dave Burton :Ooba-Ooba-Ooba (Sherman)
96. Jimmy Clanton: Ship On a Stormy Sea (Clanton / Matassa)
97. Fabian :String Along (Duncan / Doyle)
98. Johnnie Ray :Yes Tonight Josephine (Scott / Goodman)
99. Johnny Preston :Chief Heartbreak (Richardson)
100. The Kalin Twins :School Bell Dream (Smith / Miller)
101. Диск 6 Tom & Jerry : Hey School Girl
102. Jimmie Rodgers :Oh, Oh I´m Falling in Love Again
103. Johnny Ferguson :Angela Jones (Loudermilk)
104. Guy Mitchell :Crazy With Love (Schroeder / Peoples)
105. Johnny Preston :Feel So Fine (Lee)
106. Randy Starr: After School (Nadel / Wolf)
107. Jimmy Isle :Baby-O
108. Donnie Brooks: Mission Bell (Michael)
109. Gary Stites :Lonely for You (Stites)
110. Conway Twitty :Heavenly
111. Johnny Burnette :Dreamin´ (DeVorzon / Ellis)
112. Melvin Endsley :Let´s Fall Out of Love
113. Clyde McPhatter :Treasure of Love
114. Sanford Clark :Lou Be Dou (Motola / Marascalco/Sill)
115. Denny Reed :A Teenager Feels It Too (Conway / Conway)
116. Floyd Robinson: Makin´ Love (Robinson)
117. Pat Boone :Tweedle Dee (Scott)
118. Huelyn Duvall :Little Boy Blue (Arnold / Turner)
119. Gino & Gina :Pretty Baby (Giosasi / Zwirn)
120. Chubby Checker :Schooldays Oh Schooldays (Sheldon / Leon)
121. Диск 7 Bobby Rydell: Swingin´ School (Mann / Lowe / Appel)
122. Johnny Preston :Running Bear (Richardson)
123. Dale Wright & The Rock-Its :She´s Neat (Wright)
124. Tommy Dee & The Teen Tones :Three Stars (Dee)
125. Conway Twitty :Hey Little Lucy (Schroeder / Weiss / Silbert)
126. Frank Pizani :Angry (Cassard / Brunies / Brunies)
127. Kathy Zee :Cracker Jack (Willet / Zaleski)
128. Sanford Clark: Ooo Baby
129. Charlie Rich :Big Man
130. Hank Ballard & The Midnighters :The Twist (Ballard)
131. Jimmy Clanton: Go, Jimmy, Go (Pomus / Shuman)
132. Jody Reynolds: Endless Sleep (Nance / Reynolds)
133. Connie Francis :Fallin´ (Sedaka / Greenfield)
134. Jimmy Isle :What a Life
135. Bobby Pedrick :White Bucks and Saddle Shoes
136. Teresa Brewer: Hula Hoop Song (Kohler / Maduri)
137. Ray Peterson :Shirley Purley (Belvin)
138. Chico Holiday :Young Ideas (James)
139. Pat Boone: Bernadine (Mercer)
140. Robin Luke: School Bus Love Affair (Stewart)
141. Диск 8 Ricky Nelson: Waitin´ in School (Burnette / Burnette)
142. Jimmy Jones :Good Timin´ (Ballard / Tobias)
143. Johnny Preston :A New Baby for Christmas (Jones / Blackwell)
144. Jimmy Clanton: I´m Gonna Try
145. Gene Vincent :Pistol Packin´ Mama (Dexter)
146. Jimmy Isle: I´ve Been Waitin´
147. Barrett Strong :Money (Bradford / Gordy Jr)
148. Melvin Endsley :Ain´t It Fine
149. Brook Benton & Dinah Washington A Rocking Good Way
150. Диск 9 Frankie Avalon: Teacher’s Pet
151. John Fred & The Playboys :Shirley
152. Johnny Angel :Teenage Wedding (Fautheree / Marais)
153. Jimmie Rodgers: Bimbombey
154. Clyde McPhatter :Come What May (Porter)
155. The Impalas :Sorry, I Ran All the Way Home
156. Jimmy Isle: Oh Judy
157. The Clovers :Love Potion (Leiber / Stoller)
158. Johnny Preston :Leave My Kitten Alone
159. Billy Bland: Let the Little Girl Dance
160. Sanford Clark: A Cheat (Ford / Hazlewood)
161. Pat Boone: Five, Ten, Fifteen Hours (Toombs)
162. Roy Hamilton: Don´t Let Go (Stone)
163. Jimmy Clanton: Another Sleepless Night (Sedaka / Greenfield)
164. The Monotones :Book of Love (Davis / Malone / Patrick)
165. Conway Twitty: She´s Mine
166. Don & Dewey: Farmer John (Harris / Terry)
167. Ron Isle: Heaven Knows
168. Jimmy Jones :Handy Man (Blackwell / Jones)
169. Larry Williams :High School Dance (Williams)
170. Диск 10 The Kalin Twins: Walkin´ to School (Kalin / Kalin)
171. Jimmy Clanton :That´s You Baby (Clanton / Matassa)
172. Sanford Clark: Lonesome for a Letter (Ollier / Ollier)
173. Guy Mitchell :Heartaches By the Number (Howard)
174. Johnny Preston: Just Little Boy Blue (Fox)
175. Freddie Cannon :Tallahassie Lassie (Slay / Crewe / Picariello)
176. Conway Twitty: What Am I Living for (Jay / Harris)
177. Tab Hunter :Young Love (Carty / Joyner)
178. The Gaylords :Ma Ma Marie (DiCapua)
179. Jimmy Isle :Together
180. Mitchell Torok :Caribbean (Torok)
181. Melvin Endsley: I´ll Get Even With You (Gibson)
182. Buddy Holly: Heartbeat (Petty / Montgomery)
183. Don Gibson :Oh Lonesome Me (Gibson)
184. Jimmie Rodgers :I´m Never Gonna Tell On You
185. The Everly Brothers :All I Have to Do Is Dream
186. Pat Boone: Havin´ Fun Spoo-Dee-O-Dee (Williams / McGee)
187. Bobby Day :Little Bitty Pretty One
188. Charlie Rich :Lonely Weekends
189. Johnny: Restivo High School Play (Persher)

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