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Ulysse. La Simphonie Du Marais & Reyne
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1. Ulysse. La Simphonie Du Marais & Reyne (2 CD)

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Audio CD Ulysse. La Simphonie Du Marais & Reyne

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Ulysse. La Simphonie Du Marais & Reyne

Режиссер: JeanFéry Rebel
2016 год., Европейский Союз
Количество дисков: 2
Тип носителя: Audio CD
Упаковка: CD Box
Штрихкод: 3760156050034
Номер товара: 148993

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От издателя об этом Audio CD:

Музыкальный альбом.

If the name JeanFéry Rebel (16661747) rings any bells, it is probably as the composer of a chamber work, Les élémens. But he also wrote Ulysse, a Lullian tragédie en musique performed at the Paris Opéra in January 1703 and apparently never revived. Hugo Reyne has done a sterling job in marrying the contemporary published score with a set of parts held by the library in Uppsala. There are cuts, both vocal and instrumental; but what remains is a useful addition, very well performed, to the handful of recordings of French operas composed between Lully’s Acis et Galatée (1686) and Rameau’s Hippolyte et Aricie (1733).

After the obligatory Prologue in praise of Louis XIV, which surprisingly features Orpheus, the action begins in the garden of Ulysses’s palace on Ithaca. Penelope is awaiting her husband’s belated return from Troy. Urilas laments her failure to respond to his approaches; Circe, the sorceress, vows to bewitch Penelope into infidelity, thereby clearing the field for her own designs on Ulysses. After various vicissitudes, and interventions by the gods, husband and wife are reunited and Circe is defeated.

The drama is not thrilling, frankly. Urilas is written out as an individual in Act 2 and Ulysses doesn’t enter till Act 3, so there’s no confrontation between husband and would-be lover. The ending is downbeat: neither a love duet nor a chorus of triumph but a solo for Circe as she abandons love for ever. But many excellent numbers stand out: an air for Circe accompanied only by flutes, followed by a Rondeau of gentle melancholy; a duet for Circe and Ulysses with a chromatic descending bass reminding us that all is not well; a solemn chorus for Ulysses’s companions.

The cast, led by Bertrand Chuberre and Guillemette Laurens, tuck into their roles with relish, and Hugo Reyne has a winning way with the dance rhythms. The libretto provided is only in French, which, given the quality of the translated synopsis – ‘Urilas bursts into pains’, for example – is probably just as well.

G. Laurens, mezzo-soprano
S. Révidat, soprano
B. Chuberre, baryton
B. Deletré, basse
C. Ricci, soprano
E. Warnier, soprano
V. Lièvre-Picard, haute-contre
Th. van Essen, baryton

Список музыкальных треков:

1. CD 1 Prolog, 1 Ouverture
2. Prolog, 2 Arbres epais, charmant ombrage (Orpheus)
3. Prolo, 3 Rochers sensibles a mes larmes (Orpheus)
4. Prolog, 4 Marche pur les Faunes
5. Prolog, 5 Le seul avantage (Un Sauvage)
6. Prolog, 6 Air des Sauvages
7. Prolog, 7 Changeons nos jeux (Orpheus)
8. Prolog, 8 Portons nos voix (Chor)
9. 1. Akt, 1 Rien neu peut la flechir (Urilas)
10. 1. Akt, 2 Urilas, esperez (Circe)
11. 1. Akt, 3 Promettre a Penelope (Euphrosine)
12. 1. Akt, 4 Souffrirais-je toujours (Penelope)
13. 1. Akt, 5 Quoi, toujours soupirer (Cephalie)
14. 1. Akt, 6 Hatez-vous bienheureux moments (Penelope)
15. 1. Akt, 7 Helas! Belle Princesse (Penelope)
16. 1. Akt, 8 L#amour a des douceurs (Chor)
17. 1. Akt, 9 Il est temps, l#amour vour appelle (Genie)
18. 1. Akt, 10 Plaisirs trop dangereux (Penelope)
19. 1. Akt, 12 Ah! Circe me trahit (Penelope)
20. 2. Akt, 1 Lieux ecartes (Penelope)
21. 2. Akt, 2 Je fais pour ranimer (Penelope)
22. 2. Akt, 3 Eh! Qu#importe ma gloire (Penelope)
23. 2. Akt, 4 Dans ce Temple Junon (Cephalie)
24. 2. Akt, 5 Des fideles epoux (Junon)
25. 2. Akt, 6 O ciel! Junon vient elle-meme (Urilas)
26. 2. Akt, 7 Urilas, esperez encore (Circe)
27. 2. Akt, 8 Apres ce que Junon (Euphrosine)
28. 2. Akt, 9 Que tout tremble a ma voix (Circe)
29. 2. Akt, 10 Semons ici (Furien)
30. 2. Akt, 11 Que ce Temple abattu (Circe)
31. 2. Akt, 12 Air des Furies
32. 2. Akt, 13 Arretez, arretez (Circe)
33. 2. Akt, 14 Allons c#est Circe qui commande (Furien)
34. CD 2 3. Akt, 1 Apres tant des travaux (Ulysse)
35. 3. Akt, 2 Ah! Qu#apres une longue absence (Ulysse)
36. 3. Akt, 3 Qu#entends-je (Ulysse)
37. 3. Akt, 4 Circe, dans votre sort (Euphrosine)
38. 3. Akt, 5 Ce n#est point Ulysse (Circe)
39. 3. Akt, 6 Quel eclat imprevu (Uoysse)
40. 3. Akt, 7 Je suis le penchant (Ulysse)
41. 3. Akt, 8 L#amour nous reunit (Circe, Ulysse)
42. 3. Akt, 9 Tout parle d#amour (Euphrosine)
43. 3. Akt, 10 Belle Circe (Chor)
44. 3. Akt, 11 Ces lieux n#ont plus assez de charme (Circe)
45. 4. Akt, 1 Loin de trouver (Euriloque)
46. 4. Akt, 2 Ulysse, o Ciel (Circe)
47. 4. Akt, 3 Ne crois pas m#etonner (Ulysse)
48. 4. Akt, 4 Circe met le comble a nos maux (Euriloque)
49. 4. Akt, 5 Arrete, c#est Circe qui s#oppose (Circe)
50. 4. Akt, 6 Ingrat, en est-ce assez (Circe)
51. 4. Akt, 7 Quel transport furieux (Ulysse)
52. 4. Akt, 8 Il faut terminer tes travaux (Mercure)
53. 4. Akt, 9 Ulysse echappe a ma puissance (Circe)
54. 5. Akt, 1 Destin trop rigoureux (Penelope)
55. 5. Akt, 2 Cedez, rendez-vous (Chor)
56. 5. Akt, 3 C#est trop de resistance (Chor)
57. 5. Akt, 4 La Victoire est a nous (Cephalie)
58. 5. Akt, 5 C#est vous, mon cher Ulysse (Penelope)
59. 5. Akt, 6 Vous verrez vos souhaits (Euriloque)
60. 5. Akt, 7 Que la Paix regne (Penelope, Ulysses)
61. 5. Akt, 8 Passacaille
62. 5. Akt, 9 Quel bruit se fait entendre (Chor)
63. 5. Akt, 10 O ciel! C#est Circe (Ulysse)
64. 5. Akt, 11 Crains a ton tour (Pallas)

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