I Break Horses. Hearts (LP)
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LP I Break Horses. Hearts (LP)

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I Break Horses. Hearts (LP)

Исполнитель: "I Break Horses"
2011 год., Европейский Союз
Количество дисков: 1
Тип носителя: LP (Виниловая пластинка)
Упаковка: Картонный конверт
Лейбл: Cooperative Music
Штрихкод: 0602527749754
Номер товара: 70342

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От издателя об этом LP:

Hearts - дебютный студийный альбом шведского дуэта I Break Horses.

I Break Horses is comprised of Swedish duo Maria Linden and co-collaborator Fredrick Balck and ‘Hearts’ is their debut record. Linden writes the music, and also sings the lyrics written by Balck and as a result, is by default, the main creative force behind the style they have developed.

Taking their cue from My Bloody Valentine’s iconic ‘Loveless’ album (which famously all but bankrupted their record label back in the early 90s) Linden & Balck sprinkle in liberal helpings of Jesus and Mary Chain and Cocteau Twins inspired vocals to deliver an album that is a delightful combination of church-like guitars, swooning synthesizer blissfulness and pounding drum beats over which Linden’s wafer thin vocals float and glide.

If everything seems hazy and blurred then that’s precisely the point. This is literally Spector’s wall-of-sound re-packaged and formatted for a new generation, as each song blends into one. Make no mistake, it is all about the atmospherics created by the sounds (lyrics included) meaning that Linden’s vocals remain deliberately just beyond comprehension and out of reach.

Album opener ‘Winter Beats is a majestic galloping opening track, however, talking about individual songs seems almost irrelevant when the album really needs to be viewed for the sum of its parts. And with this in mind, all nine tracks succeed in creating a coherent, focused and exhilarating debut that succeeds in getting the pulses racing.

Definitely well worth the effort and if you do take the time to explore and like what you hear, then you could do worse than also checking out fellow sound sculptors M83 (who are playing Auckland’s Laneway festival in January), the aforementioned JAMC, MBV and Cocteau Twins or Ride and Slowdive.

Список музыкальных треков:

1. A1 Winter Beats
2. A2 Hearts
3. A3 Wired
4. A4 I Kill Your Love, Baby!
5. B1 Pulse
6. B2 Cancer
7. B3 Load Your Eyes
8. B4 Empty Bottles
9. B5 No Way Outro

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