Strauss, Karl Bohm: Ariadne Auf Naxos

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DVD Strauss, Karl Bohm: Ariadne Auf Naxos
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Strauss, Karl Bohm: Ariadne Auf Naxos

Режиссер: Джон Вернон
Исполнитель: Карл Бем, Wiener Philharmoniker, Хайнц Зедник, Эдита Груберова, Гундула Яновитц, Рене Колло, Уолтер Берри, Трудлис Шмидт
Производство: ООО "Юниверсал Мьюзик"
127 мин., 2007 год., Германия, Австрия
Регион: 0 (All)
Количество дисков: 1
Тип носителя: DVD
Упаковка: DVD Box
Количество слоёв: DVD 9 (двухслойный)
Звук: Немецкий DTS 5.1, Немецкий PCM Stereo
Субтитры: Немецкий, Английский, Французский, Испанский, Китайский
Штрихкод: 0044007343708
Номер товара: 72444

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От издателя об этом DVD:
Richard Strauss’s Ariadne auf Naxos premiered in 1916, was something new, a startling blend of comedy and tragedy, both a frothy entertainment and a serious dip into the big issues--life, death, art, and love. It succeeds as a musical and theatre experience, especially in a production as respectful of the composer’s intentions as this one, which more than fulfills his considerable musical demands on the performers. Strauss and his librettist, Hugo von Hoffmannsthal, fuse the tale of an opera company and a team of comedians hired to provide entertainment for a dinner party at the palatial home of Vienna’s "richest man." The two groups of artists are forced at the last moment to combine their incompatible talents in a hastily rewritten opera which follows the Prologue--the familiar story of Ariadne abandoned by Theseus on the Greek island. This DVD of Ariadne is a 1978 film based on Filippo Sanjust’s Vienna State Opera production. The bustling Prologue is set in the backstage area of the mogul’s palace and the 18th century costumes fit neatly. In the opera proper, the stage is transformed into a very stagey desert island with an improbable set of stairs leading to the heroine’s cave, the action spilling over into the theatre’s side boxes at times. While there’s nothing particularly imaginative about the production, it never distracts from the main event--the music. Strauss was profligate in his melodic gifts, his ability to make a reduced orchestra sound big, and his wonderful obsession with the female voice, which yields many glorious moments in the opera. Lavish casting helps.
Gundula Janowitz is the prima donna who sings the title role, her fresh voice and musicality make her lament moving, but the coloratura soprano, Edita Gruberova, all but steals the show as Zerbinetta, providing both singing and acting splendor. Her coloratura is flawless, the trills in the aria "Grossmächtige Prinzessin," effortless. The harassed Composer, seen only in the Prologue, is Trudeliese Schmidt, whose singing is first-rate and whose acting in the pants role suits the part admirably, the veritable archetype of the ardent, impetuous artist. Among the men, veteran Walter Berry is a fine Musicmaster, the voice of reason amid all the madcap goings-on, while the comedians are a feisty bunch with good voices. Special mention is due baritone Barry McDaniel’s Harlequin and lyric tenor Heinz Zednik’s Dancing Master (in the Prologue) and Brighella. The role of Bacchus is a thankless part and if René Kollo is sometimes stiff and blustery, so too, are most tenors in that role. Pacing and orchestral playing could not be bettered as the Vienna Philharmonic is led by the great Strauss conductor, Karl Böhm. John Vernon’s video direction is efficient, but his discreet use of fades and tight closeups may strike some as too much of a good thing. Filmed to a prerecorded soundtrack, lip-synching is smoothly done. There’s a fine 1988 MET production led by James Levine with Jessye Norman and a similarly starry cast, but you can’t go wrong with either--or both--of these versions of Strauss’s opera. -- Dan Davis

NOTICE: Polish Release, cover may contain Polish text/markings. The disk DOES NOT have English audio and subtitles.

Gundula Janowitz - Primadonna - Ariadne
Rene Kollo - Tenor - Baccus
Walter Berry - Ein Musiklehrer
Trudeliese Schmidt - Komponist
Edita Gruberova - Zerbinetta
Heinz Zednik - Tanzmeister - Brighella
Erich Kunz - Haushofmeister
Peter Weber - Offizier
Georg Tichy - Peruckenmacher
Alfred Sramek - Lakai
Barry McDaniel - Harlekin
Kurt Equiluz - Scaramuccio
Manfred Jungwirth - Truffaldino
Hilda de Groote - Najade
Axelle Gall - Dryade
Olivera Miljakovic - Echo
Список музыкальных треков:

1. Richard Strauss (1864 - 1949). Ariadne auf Naxos, Op.60 Prologue
2. Orchestral Introduction [2:20]
3. "Mein Herr Haushofmeister!" [2:57]
4. Hier finden Euer Gnaden die Mamsell Zerbinetta [1:51]
5. Eselgesicht! sehr unverschämter frecher Esel! [3:11]
6. Wer ist dieses entzückende Mädchen? (Komponist, Musiklehrer) [3:51]
7. Hast' ein Stückerl Notenpapier? [1:27]
8. Im Gegenteil, man kommt vom Tisch (Tanzmeister, Musiklehrer, Lakai) [2:12]
9. Ihnen allen habe ich eine plötzliche Anordnung [4:44]
10. Ich weiß nicht, wo mir der Kopf steht [2:43]
11. Der Ariadne müssen Sie streichen (Tenor, Primadonna, Musiklehrer, Tanzmeister, Zerbinetta, Komponist) [1:46]
12. Sie hält sich für den Todesgott! (Komponist, Zerbinetta) [1:59]
13. Sie gibt sich dem Tod hin (Komponist, Zerbinetta) [2:24]
14. "Ein Augenblick ist wenig" [4:43]
15. An ihre Plätze, meine Damen und Herren! [0:58]
16. "Sein wir wieder gut" - "Musik ist eine heilige Kunst" [2:20]
17. Was ist das? Wohin? (Komponist, Musiklehrer) [1:03]
18. Overture [3:52]
19. "Schläft sie?" [5:25]
20. Wo war ich? Tot? [2:32]
21. Wie jung und schön und maßlos traurig (Harlekin, Zerbinetta, Truffaldin) [0:26]
22. Ein schönes war: hieß Theseus [6:59]
23. "Lieben, Hassen, Hoffen, Zagen" [2:03]
24. "Es gibt [5:32]
25. Die Dame gibt mit trübem Sinn [5:24]
26. "Großmächtige Prinzessin" [11:49]
27. Hübsch gepredigt aber tauben Ohren [1:30]
28. Eine störrische zu trösten (Brighella, Scaramuccio, Harlekin, Truffaldin, Zerbinetta) [7:06]
29. "Ein schönes Wunder!" [3:57]
30. Circe, Circe, kannst du mich hören? [1:21]
31. Töne, töne, süße Stimme (Najade, Echo, Dryade) [1:01]
32. Doch da ich unverwandelt von dir gegangen bin (Bacchus, Ariadne, Najade, Echo, Dryade) [2:06]
33. Circe, Circe, Circe, ich konnte fliehen! [12:31]
34. Das waren Zauberworte! [3:00]
35. "Gibt es kein Hinüber?" [1:27]
36. Du! Alles du! (Bacchus) [1:34]
37. "Töne, töne, süße Stimme" - "Was hängt von mir in deinem Arm" (Najade, Echo, Dryade, Ariadne, Zerbinetta) [1:52]
38. Deiner hab' ich um alles bedurft (Bacchus, Ariadne) [3:26]

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