Richard Strauss / Karl Bohm: Salome

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DVD Richard Strauss / Karl Bohm: Salome

Richard Strauss / Karl Bohm: Salome

Режиссер: Гоц Фридрих
Исполнитель: Карл Бем, Тереза Стратас, Бернд Вайкль, Ханна Шварц, Ханс Беирер, Вислав Охман, Астрид Верни
Производство: ООО "Юниверсал Мьюзик"
101 мин., 2007 год., Европейский Союз
Регион: 0 (All)
Количество дисков: 1
Тип носителя: DVD
Лейбл: Deutsche Grammophon Intl
Количество слоёв: DVD 9 (двухслойный)
Упаковка: DVD Box
Звук: Немецкий PCM Stereo, Немецкий DTS 5.1
Субтитры: Немецкий, Английский, Испанский, Китайский, Французский
Штрихкод: 0044007343395
Номер товара: 72445

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От издателя об этом DVD:
This filmed version of Strauss' shocker features Teresa Stratas as opera's most depraved teenager, and she's as perfect a Salome as one would ever hope to see or hear. Stratas inhabits the role, exploring the character's sensuousness as she vainly woos Jochanaan, her venomous hatred when she's rejected, the crazed look in her eyes when she demands his head--on a silver platter, no less. Such complete identification with a role, especially of a character so malignant helps make this 1974 Salome stand out among the many fine DVDs of the opera.
The visceral impact of the film owes much to Götz Friedrich's direction and Gerd Staub's sets. All of the action takes place in the courtyard of Herod's palace, but Friedrich exploits the claustrophobic possibilities of limited space by his deft camera angles that follow the singers and by copious close-ups that often show details unavailable to us when we see the opera live or even in a filmed stage performance: Stratas' face and eyes, which reflect her swift mood changes, Jochanaan's face, which shows his disgust, and the corrupt visages of Herod and Herodias. The cumulative effect of such close-ups heightens tension and creates an atmosphere in which we, the viewers, are thrust into the action. It's not always a comfortable experience but it's always an engrossing one. Staub's sets and the costumes designed by Jan Skalicky are more or less generic but functional, with nice touches like the headpiece Stratas wears, which emphasizes the reptilian slithering of her movements The veils in Salome's famous dance and some of the robes worn by the courtiers add touches of color to the overall grayness that emphasizes the claustrophobic elements of the opera.

While Stratas' overwhelming performance commands prime attention, the cast is a strong one. The great Wagnerian soprano Astrid Varnay, long past her vocal prime, is a venomous Herodiade whose facial expressions mirror her inner corruption. Varnay's portrayal comes perilously close to being over the top but that may be said of others in the cast, too, as Friedrich seems to encourage excess in an opera that wallows in it. Hans Beirer's lascivious Herod, for example, is also broadly interpreted, but very well done in the context of Friedrich's framework of a decadent sex-obsessed court. The role of Jochanaan is taken by Bernd Weikl whose sonorous singing and acting vividly portray his scorn for his captors and his repulsion at Salome's sexual aggressiveness.

The sound mix favors the singers and downgrades the orchestra, itself a central character, though rather attenuated, as it comments on the action and elaborates on the sung lines. Karl Böhm, a great Strauss conductor, leads the sumptuous Vienna Philharmonic in a performance that, in spite of its dim placement, illuminates Strauss' orchestration. All in all, this is a must-have Salome. --Dan Davis

Richard Strauss - Salome

Herodes - Hans Beirer
Herodias - Astrid Varnay
Salome - Teresa Stratas
Jochanaan - Bernd Weikl
Narraboth - Wieslaw Ochman
Page - Hanna Schwarz

Wiener Philharmoniker
Conductor: Karl Böhm

Richard Strauss' Salome mit einer legendären Besetzung - eine Unitel-Produktion jetzt auf Deutsche Grammophon
Karl Böhm leitet die Wiener Philharmoniker in Richard Strauss Musikdrama Salome.
1954 gefilmt, zeigt diese Produktion der Inszenierung von Götz Friedrich Weltstars der Oper wie Teresa Stratas, die in dieser Aufnahme erstmals in der Titelrolle der Salome erscheint.
Ebenfalls zu sehen und hören ist die Wagner-Legende Astrid Varnay in der Rolle der Herodias.
Дополнительные материалы:

- Буклет

Список музыкальных треков:

1. Opening Credits / Vorspann / Generique. «Wie Schon Ist Die Prinzessin Salome Heute Nacht!». (Narraboth, Der Page Der Herodias, Zwei Soldaten)
2. «Nachmirwirdeinerkommen». (Jochanaan, Zwei Soldaten, Ein Kappadozier, Der Paget
3. «Lch Will Nicht Bleiben». (Salome, Der Page, Jochanaan, Zwei Soldaten, Narraboth, Ein Sklavei
4. «Denn Aus Dem Samen Derschlange». (Jochanaan, Salome, Zwei Soldaten, Der Page)
5. «Du Wirst Das Fur Mich Tun, Narraboth». (Salome, Narraboth)
6. «Wo Ist Er, Dessen Siindenbecher Jetzt Voll Ist?». (Jochanaan, Salome, Narraboth)
7. «Eristschrecklich». (Salome, Narraboth, Jochanaan)
8. «Jochanaan! Ich Bin Verliebt In Deinen Leib». (Salome, Jochanaan)
9. «Deinen Mund Begehre Ich, Jochanaan». (Salome, Jochanaan, Narraboth)
10. «Wird Dir Nicht Bange, Tochter Der Herodias?». (Jochanaan, Salome)
11. Zwischenspiel / Interlude
12. «Woistsalome?». (Herodes, Herodias, Erster Soldat)
13. «Salome, Komm, Trink Wein Mit Mir» (Herodes, Salome, Herodias)
14. «Siehe, Die Zeit Ist Gekommen» (Jochanaan, Herodias, Herodes, Funfjuden)
15. «Was Soil Das Heiken, Der Erloser Der Welt?» (Herodes, Zwei Nazarener, Erster Jude, Herodias, Jochanaan)
16. «Tanz Fur Mich, Salome» (Herodes, Herodias, Salome, Jochanaan)
17. Salomes Tanz Der Sieben Schleier Salome's Dance Of The Seven Veils / Danse Des Sept Voiles De Salome
18. «Ah! Herrlich! Wundervolllci» (Herodes, Salome, Herodias)
19. «Salome, Ich Beschwore Dich» (Herodes, Salome, Herodias)
20. «Man Soil Ihrgeben, Was Sieverlangt!» (Herodes)
21. «Esistkein Lautzuvernehmen» (Salome)
22. «Ah! Du Wolltest Mich Nicht Deinen Mund Kiissen Lasserm (Salome)
23. «Sie Istein Ungeheuer, Deine Tochter» (Herodes, Herodias)
24. «Ah! Ich Habe Deinen Mund Gekiisst, Jochanaan» (Salome)

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