Various Artists. Britten. The Complete Works For Voice.

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Audio CD Various Artists. Britten. The Complete Works For Voice.

Various Artists. Britten. The Complete Works For Voice.

Исполнитель: Дэвид Хеммингс, Эдвард Чепмен, Галина Вишневская, Андрей Гаврилов, The London Symphony Orchestra, Дитрих Фишер-Дискау, The London Symphony Orchestra & Chorus, Джон Ширли Квирк, Aldeburgh Festival Orchestra , Питер Пирс, Highgate School Choir, Дженифер Вивиан, Норма Проктер, Джордж Малколм, Луис Хэлси, Джон Хахессу, The BBC Singers, Стюарт Бедфорд, New London Children's Choir, Елизабет Сингерс, Люк Бонд, Джеймс Боуман, Озиан Эллис, Барри Таквэлл, English Chamber Orchestra, Роджер Лорд, Сандрин Пиау, Роберт Тир, Элизабет Содерстром, Дэвид Уилкокс, Фелисити Лотт, Малькольм Мартино
Производство: ООО "Юниверсал Мьюзик"
2013 год., Европейский Союз
Количество дисков: 16
Тип носителя: Audio CD
Лейбл: Decca
Упаковка: Коробка
Штрихкод: 0028947854500
Номер товара: 73420

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От издателя об этом Audio CD:
Сборник классической музыки.
CD1. Britten. The Complete Works For Voice. War Requiem
CD2.Britten. The Complete Works For Voice. Spring Symphony / Cantata Academica
CD3.Britten. The Complete Works For Voice. Saint Nicolas
CD4.Britten. The Complete Works For Voice. A Boy Was Born / A Ceremony Of Carols
CD5.Britten. The Complete Works For Voice. Friday Afternoons / Choral Works
CD6.Britten. The Complete Works For Voice. Rejoice In The Lamb / Missa Brevis
CD7.Britten. The Complete Works For Voice. Sacred And Profane
CD8.Britten. The Complete Works For Voice. Serenade For Tenor, Horn And Srtings / Our Hunting Fathers
CD9.Britten. The Complete Works For Voice. Les Illuminations / Nocturne / Phaedra
CD10.Britten. The Complete Works For Voice. Canticles I-V
CD11.Britten. The Complete Works For Voice. The Song Cycles 1
CD12.Britten. The Complete Works For Voice. The Song Cycles 2
CD13.Britten. The Complete Works For Voice. The Song Cycles 3
CD14.Britten. The Complete Works For Voice. Early And Miscellaneous Songs
CD15.Britten. The Complete Works For Voice. Folksongs 1
CD16.Britten. The Complete Works For Voice. Folksongs 2
Список музыкальных треков:

1. Requiem aeternam
2. What passing bells for these who die as cattle?
3. Dies irae
4. Bugles sang, saddening the evening air
5. Liber scriptus proferetur
6. Out there, we've walked quite friendly up to Death
7. Recordare Jesu pie
8. Be slowly lifted up
9. Dies irae
10. Lacrimosa dies illa
11. Move him into the sun
12. Domine Jesu Christe
13. So Abraham rose, and clave the wood
14. Sanctus, sanctus, sanctus
15. After the blast of lightning from the East
16. One ever hangs where shelled roads part
17. Libera me, Domine
18. It seemed that out of battle I escaped
19. Let us sleep now...In paradisum
20. Introduction: Shine out
21. The merry cuckoo
22. Spring, the sweet Spring
23. The driving boy
24. The morning star
25. Welcome Maids of Honour
26. Waters above!
27. Out on the lawn I lie in bed
28. When will my May come
29. Fair and fair
30. Sound the flute!
31. Finale: London, to thee I do present
32. I. Bonorum summun omnium II: Quae bene beateque
33. III. At huius caelestis...V: Tum vero Aeneas Sylvius virtus
34. VI: Et gubernacula. VII: Ut ad longaeva tempora
35. VIII: Docendi ac discendi
36. IX. Rhenana erga omnes. X: Ut instissime XI: O cives..
37. XII. Nos autem cuncti. XIII. Vigeatque academia libera
38. In a garden shady
39. I cannot grow
40. O ear whose creatures
41. Introduction
42. The birth of Nicolas
43. Nicolas devotes himself to God
44. He journeys to Palestine
45. He comes to Myra and is chosen Bishop
46. Nicolas from prison
47. Nicolas and the Pickled Boys
48. His piety and marvellous works
49. The death of Nicolas
50. To Daffodils
51. The Succession of the Four Sweet Months
52. Marsh Flowers
53. The Evening Primrose
54. Ballad of Green Broom
55. Cantata Misericordium, Op.69
56. A Boy Was Born (theme)
57. Variation 1: Lullay, Jesu
58. Variation 2: Herod
59. Variation 3: Jesu As Thou Art Our Saviour
60. Variation 4: The Three Kings
61. Variation 5: In the Bleak Mid-Winter
62. Variation 6: Finale - Noel!
63. Corpus Christi Carol
64. A Wealden Trio - Christmas Song of the Women
65. The Sycamore Tree
66. A Shepherd's Carol (1944)
67. Christ's Nativity
68. Sweet Was The Song
69. Preparations
70. New Prince, New Pomp
71. Carol Of King Cnut
72. Procession
73. Wolcom Yule!
74. There is no rose
75. That yongë child
76. Balulalow
77. As dew in Aprille
78. This little Babe
79. Interlude
80. In freezing winter night
81. Spring Carol
82. Deo Gracias
83. Recession
84. Coll. Sharp, arr. Britten
85. Begone, dull care
86. A tragic story
87. Cuckoo!
88. A New Year carol
89. I mun be married on Sunday
90. There was a man of Newington
91. Fishing song
92. The useful plough
93. Jazz-man
94. There was a monkey
95. Old Abram Brown
96. Ee-Oh! (Anon)
97. Psalm
98. for voices & orchestra, Op.67
99. The Ride-by-Nights
100. The Rainbow
101. The Ship Of Rio
102. I Lov'd a Lass
103. Lift Boy
104. The Birds
105. A Hymn to the Virgin (1930, rev. 1934)
106. Jubilate Deo in E Flat
107. Te Deum in C (1934)
108. Advance Democracy
109. Deus In Adjutorium Meum (Psalm 70)
110. Heaven-Haven
111. O deus, ego amo te
112. Rosa Mystica
113. The Soldier
114. Prayer II
115. God's Grandeur
116. Prayer I
117. Rejoice in God, O ye Tongues
118. For I will consider my cat Jeoffrey
119. For the mouse is a creature of great personal valour
120. For the flowers are great blessings
121. For I am under the same accusation
122. For H is a spirit
123. The Ballad of Little Musgrave and Lady Barnard
124. Chorale (after an old French carol)
125. Festival Te Deum, Op.32 (1944)
126. A Wedding Anthem, Op.46
127. A Hymn to St. Peter Op.56a, (1955)
128. Antiphon, Op.56b
129. Kyrie eleison
130. Gloria in excelsis Deo
131. Sanctus...Benedictus
132. Agnus Dei
133. Jubilate Deo in C (1961)
134. Venite Exultemus Domino
135. A Hymn of St. Columba, 'Regis regum rectissimi' (1962)
136. Arr. Benjamin Britten
137. Voices For Today
138. St. Godric's Hymn
139. I Mon Waxe Wod
140. Lenten is come
141. The Long Night
142. Yif Ic of Luve Can
143. Carol
144. Ye that Pasen By
145. A Death
146. Welcome Ode, Op.95
147. "Praise We Great Men"
148. "Praise We The Just"
149. Coda
150. Les Nuits de Juin
151. Sagesse
152. L'Enfance
153. Chanson d'Automne
154. Now Sleeps the Crimson Petal
155. Prologue
156. Rats Away!
157. Messalina
158. Dance Of Death (Hawking For The Partridge)
159. Epilogue & Funeral March
160. Funeral March
161. Scherzo
162. Recitative & Choral
163. Prologue
164. Pastoral - The Day's Grown Old
165. Nocturne - The Splendour Falls on Castle Walls
166. Elegy - O Rose, Thou Art Sick
167. Dirge - This Ae Night
168. Hymn - Queen and Huntress Chaste and Fair
169. Sonnet - O Soft Embalmer of the Still Midnight
170. Epilogue
171. I. Fanfare
172. II. Villes
173. IIIa. Phrase
174. IIIb. Antique
175. IV. Royauté
176. V. Marine
177. VI. Interlude
178. VII. Being beauteous
179. VIII. Parade
180. IX. Départ
181. Phrase
182. Aube
183. A Une Raison
184. "On A Poet's Lips I Slept"
185. "Below The Thunders Of The Upper Deep"
186. "Encintured With A Twine Of Leaves"
187. "Midnight's Bell Goes Ting, Ting, Ting"
188. "But That Night When On My Bed I Lay"
189. "She Sleeps On Soft, Last Breaths"
190. "What Is More Gentle Than A Wind In Summer?"
191. "When Most I Wink, Then Do Mine Eyes Best See"
192. In May, in brilliant Athens
193. Oh Gods of wrath
194. My time's too short, your highness
195. Canticle I, My beloved is mine Op.40
196. Canticle II, Abraham and Isaac, Op.51
197. Canticle III, Still falls the rain, Op.55
198. Canticle IV - Journey of the Magi, Op.86
199. Words by T.S.Eliot
200. A Birthday Hansel, Op.89
201. Realised Benjamin Britten
202. Prologue: Fanfare - Song: "Where Are the Seeds Of Universal Fire"
203. Reading: "The Earth Of My Heart Was Broken - Fanfare - Reading: "In the Hour When the Sapphire Of the Bone"
204. Song: "We Are the Darkness"
205. Reading: "In Such a Heat Of the Earth"
206. Canticle III: "Still Falls the Rain"
207. Reading: "I See Christ's Wounds Weep In the Rose On the Wall"
208. Epilogue: Fanfare - Song: "So, Out Of the Dark"
209. A song of enchantment
210. Autumn
211. Silver
212. Vigil
213. Tit for tat
214. Let the Florid Music Praise!
215. Now the Leaves Are Falling Fast
216. Seascape
217. Nocturne
218. As It Is, Plenty
219. Calypso
220. O Tell Me the Truth About Love
221. Johnny
222. Funeral Blues
223. Sonetto XVI
224. Sonetto XXXI
225. Sonetto XXX
226. Sonetto LV
227. Sonetto XXXVIII
228. Sonetto XXXII
229. Sonetto XXIV
230. Oh, my blacke Soule!
231. Batter my heart
232. Oh might those sighes and teares
233. Oh, to vex me
234. What if this present
235. Since she whom I loved
236. At the round earth's imagined corners
237. Thou hast made me
238. Death, be not proud
239. Cradle Song
240. The Highland Bales
241. Sephestia's Lulaby
242. A Charm
243. The Nurse's Song
244. At day-close in November
245. Midnight on the Great Western
246. Wagtail and baby
247. The little old table
248. The choirmaster's burial
249. Proud songsters
250. At the railway station, Upway
251. Before life and after
252. If It's Ever Spring Again
253. The Children and Sir Nameless
254. The Big Chariot
255. The Old Lute
256. The Autumn Wind
257. The Herd-Boy
258. Depression
259. Dance Song
260. Menschenbeifall
261. Die Heimat
262. Sokrates und Alcibiades
263. Die Jugend
264. Hälfte des Lebens
265. Die Linien des Lebens
266. The Pride of the Peacock...London
267. Prisons are built...The Chimney Sweeper
268. The Bird anest...A Poison Tree
269. Think in the morning...The Tyger
270. The Tygers of wrath...The Fly
271. The hours of folly...Ah, Sun Flower
272. To see a world...Every night and every morn
273. Echo ("Ekho")
274. My Heart ("Ya dumal, serdtse pozabilo")
275. Angel ("Angel")
276. The Nightingale and the Rose ("Solovyei i roza")
277. Epigram (Epigramma)
278. Lines Written During a Sleepless Night ("Stikhi sochinyonniye nochyu vo vremya bessonnitsi")
279. A Riddle (The Earth)
280. A Laddie's Sang
281. Nightmare
282. Black Day
283. Bed-time
284. Slaughter
285. Riddle (The Child You Were)
286. The Larky Lad
287. Who are these children?
288. Supper
289. The Children
290. The Auld Aik
291. Dawtie's Devotion
292. The Gully
293. Tradition
294. Beware!
295. O That I Had Ne'er Been Married
296. Epitaph: The Clerk
297. Of A' the Airts the Wind Can Blaw
298. A Dirge
299. Prithee
300. The Joy Of Grief
301. Virtue In Deeds Not Words
302. From "Lucy"
303. Dans les Bois
304. Lilian
305. Diaphenia
306. The Owl
307. Witches' Song
308. O Why Did E're My Thought Aspire
309. Chamber Music V
310. Song - Take O Take Those Lips Away
311. Mother Comfort
312. Underneath the Abject Willow
313. A Poison Tree
314. Not Even Summer Yet
315. The Red Cockatoo
316. To Lie Flat On the Back
317. Night Covers Up the Rigid Land
318. The Sun Shines Down
319. Fish In the Unruffled Lakes
320. What's In Your Mind?
321. Underneath the Abject Willow
322. Wild With Passion
323. If Thou Wilt Ease Thine Heart
324. Cradle Song ("Sleep, My Darling, Sleep")
325. Birthday Song For Erwin
326. Um Mitternacht
327. The Bitter Withy
328. King Herod and the Cock
329. Fancie
330. The Oxen
331. May
332. The Twelve Apostles
333. Arr. Benjamin Britten
334. Sally In Our Alley
335. Arr. Britten
336. The Lincolnshire Poacher
337. Arr. Britten
338. O Waly Waly
339. Sweet Polly Oliver
340. Arr. Benjamin Britten
341. The Ash Grove
342. Le Roi S En Va-T En Chasse
343. La Belle est au jardin d'amour
344. The Minstrel Boy
345. How Sweet The Answer
346. The Last Rose Of Summer
347. Avenging and Bright
348. Oft In The Stilly Night
349. The Miller Of Dee
350. Ca The Yowes
351. The Plough Boy
352. Arr. Britten
353. Arr. Britten
354. Oliver Cromwell
355. Trans. Rogers, Arr. Britten
356. Arr. Britten
357. Arr. Britten
358. O can ye sew cushions?
359. Arr. Britten
360. Voici le Printemps
361. Fileuse
362. Quand j'étais chez mon pere
363. I Will Give My Love An Apple
364. The Sailor-Boy
365. Master Kilby
366. The Soldier and The Sailor
367. The Shooting Of His Dear
368. Bonny At Morn
369. Greensleeves
370. I Wonder As I Wander
371. The Crocodile
372. Pray Goody
373. At The Mid Hour Of Night
374. Dear Harp Of My Country! (Kate Tyrrel)
375. O The Sight Entrancing
376. Sail On, Sail On
377. Rich And Rare
378. La Noel Passée
379. Eho! Eho!
380. The Holly And The Ivy
381. Soldier, Won't You Marry Me?
382. The Deaf Woman's Courtship
383. The Stream In The Valley
384. Unidentified Folk Song Setting
385. Lord! I Married Me a Wife
386. She's Like The Swallow
387. Lemady
388. Bugeilio'r Gwenith Gwyn ("I Was Lonely and Forlorn")
389. Dafyd Y Garreg Wen (David Of The White Rock)
390. The False Knight Upon The Road
391. Bird Scarer's Song

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