Various Artists. Britten. The Complete Operas.

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Audio CD Various Artists. Britten. The Complete Operas.
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Various Artists. Britten. The Complete Operas.

Исполнитель: Дэвид Келли, Роберт Боуман, Бенджамин Бриттен, The London Symphony Orchestra, Джон Ширли Квирк, Ивонн Кенни, Питер Пирс, English Chamber Orchestra, Quartet Of The Defeated, Филип Брунель, Клэр Уатсон, Джеймс Пис, Брайн Дрэйк, Оувен Бранниган, Майкл Лэнгдон, Eric Garrett, Ричард Ван Аллан, Уиллард Уайт, Олива Дае, English Opera Group Orchestra
Производство: ООО "Юниверсал Мьюзик"
2013 год., Европейский Союз
Количество дисков: 20
Лейбл: Decca
Тип носителя: Audio CD
Упаковка: Картонный бокс (digipack)
Штрихкод: 0028947854487
Номер товара: 73455

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От издателя об этом Audio CD:
Сборник классической музыки.
CD1.Britten. The Complete Operas. Paul Bunyan 1
CD2.Britten. The Complete Operas. Paul Bunyan 2
CD3.Britten. The Complete Operas. Peter Grimes 1
CD4.Britten. The Complete Operas. Peter Grimes 2
CD5.Britten. The Complete Operas. The Rape Of Lucretia 1
CD6.Britten. The Complete Operas. The Rape Of Lucretia 2
CD7.Britten. The Complete Operas. Albert Herring 1
CD8.Britten. The Complete Operas. Albert Herring 2
CD9.Britten. The Complete Operas. Billy Budd 1
CD10.Britten. The Complete Operas. Billy Budd 2
CD11.Britten. The Complete Operas. Gloriana 1
CD12.Britten. The Complete Operas. Gloriana 2
CD13.Britten. The Complete Operas. The Turn Of The Screw 1
CD14.Britten. The Complete Operas. The Turn Of The Screw 2
CD15.Britten. The Complete Operas. A Midsummer Night's Dream 1
CD16.Britten. The Complete Operas. A Midsummer Night's Dream 2
CD17.Britten. The Complete Operas. Owen Wingrave 1
CD18.Britten. The Complete Operas. Owen Wingrave 2
CD19.Britten. The Complete Operas. Death In Venice 1
CD20.Britten. The Complete Operas. Death In Venice 2
Список музыкальных треков:

1. Introduction
2. "Since the Birth Of the Earth"
3. "No. No. We Do Not Want Life To Be Slow"
4. "Ooh! Ooh! O How Terrible To Be As Old Fashioned As a Tree"
5. "You Are All To Leave Here"
6. "It Isn't Very Often the Conservatives Are Wrong"
7. First Ballad Interlude: "The Cold Wind Blew Through the Crooked Thorn"
8. Bunyan's Greeting
9. Call Of Lumberjacks
10. Lumberjacks' Chorus: "My Birthplace Was In Sweden"
11. Bunyan's Welcome
12. Quartet Of Swedes: "Swedish Born and Swedish Bred"
13. Western Union Boy's Song: "A Telegram From Oversea"
14. Cooks' Duet: "Sam For Soups. Ben For Beans"
15. Animal Trio: "Ah! Miaou! The Single Creature Lives a Partial Life"
16. Bunyan's Goodnight (1)
17. Exit Of Lumberjacks: "Down the Line...Timberrr"
18. The Blues: "Gold In the North Came the Blizzard To Say"
19. Bunyan's Goodnight (2)
20. Second Ballad Interlude: "The Spring Came and the Summer and Fall"
21. Food Chorus: "Do I Look the Sort Of Fellow"
22. Chorus Accusation: "There Now Look What You Have Done"
23. Slim's Song: "In Fair Days and Foul...I Come From Open Spaces"
24. Bunyan's Return: "Look, the Chief Is Back"
25. Inkslinger's Song: "It Was Out In the Stick"
26. Entrance Of Chorus
27. Tiny's Entrance
28. Tiny's Song: "Ah!...Whether the Sun Shine Upon Children Playing"
29. Inkslinger's Regret: "All the Little Brooks Of Love"
30. Bunyan's Goodnight (3)
31. Bunyan's Good Morning
32. Shears' Song: "It Has Always Been My Dream"
33. Bunyan's Warning
34. Farmers' Song: "The Shanty-Boy Invades the Wood"
35. Farmers' Exit
36. The Mocking Of Hel Helson: "Heron, Heron Winging By"
37. Fido's Sympathy: "Won't You Tell Me What's the Matter?"
38. Cats' Creed: "Let Man the Romantic in Vision Espy"
39. The Fight: "What Is It? What's Happening?"
40. Love Duet: "Move, Move From the Trysting Stone"
41. Mock Funeral March: "Take Away the Body and Lay It On the Ice"
42. Hymn: "O Great Day Of Discovery!"
43. Third Ballad Interlude: "So Helson Smiled and Bunyan Smiled"
44. The Christmas Party: "Rah! Another Slice Of Turkey"
45. "Dear Friends, With Your Leave"
46. "Carry Her Over the Water"
47. "Where We Are Is Not Very Far"
48. "A Telegram From Hollywood"
49. "We Always Knew That One Day You"
50. Bunyan's Farewell
51. Litany: "The Campfire Embers Are Black and Cold"
52. Overture
53. Inkslinger's Love Song
54. Lullaby Of Dream Shadows
55. "Peter Grimes!"
56. "You sailed your boat"
57. "Peter Grimes, I here advise you!"
58. "The truth...the pity..."
59. Interlude I: On the beach
60. "Oh, hang at open doors"
61. "Hi! give us a hand"
62. "I have to go from pub to pub"
63. "Let her among you"
64. "Look, the storm cone!"
65. "And do you prefer the storm"
66. "What harbour shelters peace"
67. Interlude II: The Storm
68. "Past time to close!"
69. "We live and let live"
70. "Have you heard?"
71. "Now the Great Bear and Pleiades"
72. "Old Joe has gone fishing"
73. "The bridge is down, we half swam over"
74. Interlude III: Sunday morning by the beach
75. "Glitter of waves"
76. "Let this be a holiday"
77. "This unrelenting work"
78. "Fool to let it come to this!"
79. "What is it?"
80. "People!...No! I will speak!"
81. "We planned that their lives"
82. "Swallow! Shall we go"
83. "Now is gossip put on trial"
84. "From the gutter"
85. Interlude IV: Passacaglia
86. "Now!...Now!"
87. "Peter Grimes! Nobody here?"
88. Interlude V: Evening
89. "Assign your prettiness to me"
90. "Pah!"
91. "Come along, Doctor!"
92. "Embroidery in childhood"
93. "Mr.Swallow!"
94. "Who holds himself apart"
95. Interlude VI: Fog
96. "Grimes! Grimes!"
97. "Peter, we've come to take you home"
98. "To those who pass the Borough"
99. Rome is now ruled by the Etruscan upstart
100. It is an axiom among kings
101. Here the thirsty evening
102. Who reaches heaven first
103. Maria was unmasked at a masked ball
104. Collatinus is politically astute
105. There goes a happy man!
106. Tarquinius does not dare
107. My horse! My horse! tarquinius does not wait
108. Their spinning-wheel unwinds
109. Listen! I heard a knock
110. Time treads upon the hands of women
111. The oatmeal slippers of sleep
112. The prosperity of the Etruscans
113. She sleeps as a rose
114. Within this frail crucible of light
115. Lucretia!...What do you want?
116. Interlude: Here in this scene
117. Oh! What a lovely day!
118. We'll leave the orchids for Lucretia
119. Flowers bring to every year
120. You were right
121. Lucretia! Lucretia!
122. Last night Tarquinius ravished me
123. This dead hand lets fall
124. Epilogue: Is it all?
125. Flor-ence! tell the midwife!
126. Doctor Jessop's midwife
127. I hope we're not too early, Florence?
128. Stuffy!
129. Now then! Notebook, Florence!
130. The first suggestion on my list
131. Is this all you can bring?
132. Beggin' your pardon
133. Right! We'll have him!
134. Interlude
135. Bounce me high
136. Shop! Hi! Albert!
137. Tickling a trout
138. Meet me at a quarter past eight
139. He's much too busy
140. Good morning, young man
141. We bring great news to you
142. Isn't he here?
143. For three precious weeks
144. Quickly! Quickly, come along!
145. Here they are, dears!
146. My flowers are few
147. I'm full of happiness
148. As representing the local Council
149. My heart leaps up with joy
150. Er-humph! Er-humph! I'm no great shakes
151. Well tried, Albert!
152. Interlude
153. Albert the Good!
154. You oughtn't to whistle!
155. Heaven helps those who help themselves!
156. Introduction
157. Is she asleep?
158. I'm hungry, I'm tired
159. Give me a decent murder with a corpse!
160. Have you found him?
161. Fools! Fools! Blundering fools!
162. In the midst of life is death
163. Albert!
164. I'm sorry about that
165. I can't remember everything
166. Albert's come back to stay
167. I am an old man who has experienced much
168. Pull, my bantams!
169. Guard boat! Indomitable!
170. First man forward!
171. Your name? Billy Budd, sir
172. Billy Budd, king of the birds!
173. I heard, your honour!
174. Come along kid! Come along!
175. Christ, the poor chap!
176. What's that? What's those whistles?
177. Starry Vere we call him
178. Boy! My compliments to Mr. Redburn
179. Gentlemen, the King!
180. Ay, at Spithead the men may have had their grievances
181. We are, sir. Claggart is an able one
182. Blow, blow, blow
183. We're off to Samoa by way of Genoa
184. Hi! You a... a... a...
185. Over the water...Handsomely done
186. Come here. Remember your promise
187. Billy! Hist! Billy Budd!
188. Dansker, old friend, glad to see you
189. I don't like the look of the mist, Mr. Redburn
190. With great regret I must disturb your honour
191. Deck ahoy! Enemy sail on starboard bow
192. Who'll volunteer to board 'em
193. There you are again, Master-at-arms
194. O this cursed mist
195. Claggart, John Claggart, beware!
196. Master-at-arms and foretopman
197. God o' mercy! Here, help me!
198. Gentlemen, William Budd here has killed
199. William Budd, you are accused by Captain Vere
200. Poor fellow, who could save him?
201. I accept their verdict
202. Look! Through the port
203. Here! Baby! Dansker, old friend
204. And farewell to ye
205. Interlude
206. According to the articles of War
207. Down all hands! And see that they do
208. We committed his body to the deep
209. Prelude
210. The Tornament
211. Recitative & Fight
212. Entrance of the Queen
213. Recitative
214. The two Lords' Explanation
215. Raleigh's Song
216. Ensemble of Reconciliation
217. Recitative & Final March
218. Prelude & Dialogue
219. The Queen's Song
220. Cecil's Song of Government
221. Recitative & Essex's Entry
222. First Lute Song
223. Second Lute Song
224. The First Duet for the Queen & Essex
225. Soliloquy & Prayer
226. Prelude & Welcome
227. The Masque
228. Finale
229. Prelude & Song
230. Duet
231. Double Duet
232. Quartet
233. Pavane
234. Conversation
235. Galliard
236. Conversation & the Queen's Entrance
237. Lavolta
238. Conversation
239. Morris dance
240. Recitative
241. The Queen's Burlesque
242. Quartet
243. March
244. The Queen's Announcement
245. Ensemble
246. Coranto
247. Prelude & Chatter
248. Essex's Intrusion
249. The Second Duet of the Queen & Essex
250. The Dressing-Table Song
251. The Entrance of Cecil
252. Cecil's Report
253. Discussion
254. The Queen's Decision
255. Ballad - Rondo
256. Prelude & Verdict
257. Cecil's Warning
258. The Queen's Dilemma
259. Trio
260. Lady Essex's Pleading
261. Penepole Rich's Pleading
262. Epilogue
263. Prologue
264. Theme - Scene 1: The Journey
265. Interlude: Variation I - Scene 2: The Welcome
266. Interlude: Variation II - Scene 3: The Letter
267. Interlude: Variation III - Scene 4: The Tower
268. Interlude: Variation IV - Scene 5: The Window
269. Interlude: Variation V - Scene 6: The Lesson
270. Interlude: Variation VI - Scene 7: The Lake
271. Interlude: Variation VII - Scene 8: At Night
272. Interlude: Variation VIII - Scene 1: Colloquy and So- lioquy
273. Interlude: Variation IX - Scene 2: The Bells
274. Interlude: Variation X - Scene 3: Miss Jessel
275. Interlude: Variation XI - Scene 4: The Bedroom
276. Interlude: Variation XII - Scene 5: Quint
277. Interlude: Variation XIII - Scene 6: The Piano
278. Interlude: Variation XIV - Scene 7: Flora
279. Interlude: Variation XV - Scene 8: Miles
280. "Over hill, over dale"
281. "Oberon is passing fell and wrath"
282. "Well, go thy way"
283. "How now my love?"
284. "Be it on lion, bear, or wolf, or bull"
285. "Welcome wanderer!"
286. "Is all our company her?"
287. "Fair love, you faint with wand'ring in the wood"
288. "Through the forest have I gone"
289. "Stay, though thou kill me, sweet Demetrius"
290. "Come, now a roundel and a fairy song"
291. "You spotted snakes with double tongue"
292. "What thou seest when thou dost wake"
293. Introduction: The wood
294. "Are we all met?"
295. "I see their knavery"
296. "Be kind and courteous to this gentleman"
297. "Hail, mortal, hail!"
298. "I have a reas'nable good ear in music"
299. "How now, mad spirit?"
300. "Flower of this purple dye"
301. "Puppet? Why so?"
302. "This is thy negligence"
303. "Up and down, up and down"
304. "On the ground, sleep sound"
305. "My gentle Robin, see'st thou this sweet sight?"
306. "Helena! Hermi! Demetrius! Lysander!"
307. "When my cue comes, call me"
308. "Have you sent to Bottom's house?"
309. "Now, fair Hippolyta"
310. "If we offend, it is with our good will"
311. "Gentles, perchance you wonder at this show"
312. "In this same interlude it doth befall"
313. "O grim-look'd night, O night with hue so black"
314. "O wall, full often hast thou heard my moans"
315. "You ladies, you whose gentle hearts do fear"
316. "This lanthorn doth the horned moon present"
317. "Sweet moon, I thank thee for thy sunny beams"
318. "Asleep, my love?"
319. "Come, your Bergomask"
320. "Now the hungry lion roars"
321. Prelude
322. You've got your maps there?
323. At last it's out
324. Your sherry, Mrs. Coyle
325. Oh, how unforeseen
326. Sirrah! How dare you!
327. Coyle, I wish I had not come
328. May God bless the Queen
329. There was a boy, a Wingrave born
330. I envy you, this fine old house
331. Paramore shall welcome woe!
332. And with his friend young Lechmere played
333. Now you may save your scornful looks
334. Ah, Owen, what shall I do?
335. Is that you, Coyle?
336. Come in...It's me, Lechmere
337. My mind beats on
338. Who's that? A foreigner, a traveller no doubt
339. Hey there, hey there, you!
340. Serenissima...Low-lying clouds, unending grey
341. Overture: Venice
342. Ah, Serenissima!
343. Mysterious gondola
344. We are delighted to greet the signore
345. Was I wrong to come?
346. There is indeed in every artist's nature
347. Children's games: Adziu, Adziu
348. Aou'! Stagando, aou'
349. Naturally, Signore, I understand
350. Here will I stay, here dedicate my days
351. First, the race!
352. The boy, Tadzio, shall inspire me
353. So, it has come to this
354. Guardate, Signore!
355. Do I detect a scent?
356. Careful search now leads me to them
357. This way for the players, Signori
358. Fiorir rose in mezo al giasso
359. One moment, if you please
360. In these last years
361. So it is true
362. Receive the stranger god
363. The empty beach: Do what you will with me
364. Yes! A very wise decision
365. Hurrah for the Piazza
366. Chaos, chaos and sickness
367. The wind still blows from the land
368. Interlude: Ah, no!

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