Various Artists. Britten. The Complete Works For Stage & Screen

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Audio CD Various Artists. Britten. The Complete Works For Stage & Screen
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Various Artists. Britten. The Complete Works For Stage & Screen

Исполнитель: Дэвид Хеммингс, Роберт Ллойд, BBC Symphony Orchestra, The Orchestra Of The Royal Opera House, Джон Ширли Квирк, Энн Мюррей, Стаффорд Дин, Питер Пирс, Дженифер Вивиан, Роберт Тир, Брайн Дрэйк, Оувен Бранниган, English Opera Group Orchestra, Филип Лэнгридж, Anne Collins, Деклан Малхолланд, Кэрис Лейн, Тревор Энтони, Шейла Рекс, Дэвид Пинто, Стефен Александэр, James Blades, Ричард Аденей, Сесиль Ароновиц, Эйприл Кантело, Covent Garden, Бенджамин Бриттен, Грант Ллевелин, Мэри Кареве, Мартин Бреббинс
Производство: ООО "Юниверсал Мьюзик"
2013 год., Европейский Союз
Количество дисков: 12
Лейбл: Decca
Тип носителя: Audio CD
Упаковка: Коробка
Штрихкод: 0028947854494
Номер товара: 73581

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От издателя об этом Audio CD:
Сборник классической музыки.
CD1.Britten. The Complete Works For Stage & Screen. The Beggar's Opera 1
CD2.Britten. The Complete Works For Stage & Screen. The Beggar's Opera 2
CD3.Britten. The Complete Works For Stage & Screen. Noye's Fludde / The Golden Vanity
CD4.Britten. The Complete Works For Stage & Screen. Curlew River
CD5.Britten. The Complete Works For Stage & Screen. The Burning Fiery Furnace
CD6.Britten. The Complete Works For Stage & Screen. The Prodigal Son
CD7.Britten. The Complete Works For Stage & Screen. The Little Sweep / Children's Crusade
CD8.Britten. The Complete Works For Stage & Screen. The Prince Of The Pagodas 1
CD9.Britten. The Complete Works For Stage & Screen. The Prince Of The Pagodas 2
CD10.Britten. The Complete Works For Stage & Screen. Film Scores
CD11.Britten. The Complete Works For Stage & Screen. The Rescue Of Penelope / Love From A Stranger Johnson Over Jordan
CD12.Britten. The Complete Works For Stage & Screen. The Company Of Heaven / The Sword In The Stone
Список музыкальных треков:

1. If Poverty Be A Title To Poetry (Prologue)
2. Overture (Prologue)
3. Through All The Employments Of Life (Act 1)
4. 'Tis Woman Seduces All Mankind (Act 1)
5. Women Are Bitter Bad Judges...If Any Wench Venus' Girdle Wear (Act 1)
6. If Love The Virgin's Heart Invade (Act 1)
7. A Maid Is Like The Golden Ore (Act 1)
8. I Know As Well...Virgins Are Like The Fair Flower In Its Lustre (Act 1)
9. Our Polly Is A Sad Slut (Act 1)
10. Can Love Be Controll'd By Advice (Act 1)
11. The Girl Shows...O Polly, You Might Have Toyed... (Act 1)
12. I, Like A Ship In Storms, Was Tossed (Act 1)
13. A Fox May Steal Your Hens, Sir (Act 1)
14. O Ponder Well...The Turtle Thus With Plaintive Cryingbe Not Severe (Act 1)
15. Now I Am A Wretch Indeed...Pretty Polly Say (Act 1)
16. My Heart Was So Free (Act 1)
17. Were I Laid On Greenland's Coast (Act 1)
18. O! What Pain It Is To Part! (Act 1)
19. The Miser Thus A Shilling Sees (Act 1)
20. "And Now Our Scene Changes...Fill Ev'ry Glass" (Act 1)
21. Success Attend You...Let Us Take The Road (Act 2)
22. If The Heart Of A Man Is Depressed With Cares (Act 2)
23. Dear Mrs Coaxer, You're Welcome...Youth's The Season (Act 2)
24. It Is Your Own Choice...Before The Barn Door Crowing (Act 2)
25. But To Be Sure...The Gamesters...At The Tree I Shall (Act 2)
26. Noble Captain...Man May Escape From Rope And Gun Gunwelcome Once More (Act 2)
27. Thus When A Good Housewife Sees A Rat (Act 2)
28. It Is The Pleasure...How Cruel Are The Traitors (Act 2)
29. The First Time At The Looking-Glass (Act 2)
30. Fortune Be With You, Lucy (Act 2)
31. When You Censure The Age (Act 2)
32. Is Then His Fate Decreed, Sir? (Act 2)
33. O Macheath!...Thus When The Swallow (Act 2)
34. Shall I Not Claim My Own?...How Happy Could I Be... (Act 2)
35. Really, Miss Peachum, You Expose Yourself...Cease... (Act 2)
36. Why How Now, Madam Flirt? (Act 2)
37. No Pow'r On Earth Can E'er Divide (Act 2)
38. But All Scores Have A Reckoning (Act 3)
39. Dear, Sir, Mention Not My Education...When Young At The Bar... (Act 3)
40. Ungrateful Macheath! (Act 3)
41. Thus Gamesters United In Friendship (Act 3)
42. And Macheath, At Liberty And At Large...The Modes... (Act 3)
43. And Those Two Good Old Friends (Act 3)
44. Bring Us Then More Liquor!...What Gudgeons Are We... (Act 3)
45. In The Days Of My Youth (Act 3)
46. Jealousy, Rage, Love And Fear...I'm Like A Skiff (Act 3)
47. A Curse Attends A Woman's Love (Act 3)
48. But Perhaps He Hath A Heart...Among The Men Coquets (Act 3)
49. Come, Sweet Lass, Let's Banish Sorrow (Act 3)
50. What Do I See! Oh! Macheath...Hither, Dear Husband (Act 3)
51. Which Way Shall I Turn Me (Act 3)
52. Dear, Dear Father...When My Hero In Court Appears (Act 3)
53. Oh Sir, If Peachum's Heart...When He Holds Up (Act 3)
54. Ourselves, Like The Great (Act 3)
55. We Are Ready, Sir...The Charge Is Prepared (Act 3)
56. O Cruel, Cruel Case (Act 3)
57. Would I Might Be Hanged! (Act 3)
58. Thus I Stand Like The Turk (Act 3)
59. Lord Jesus, Think On Me - Alexander, Stephen
60. I God, That All This Worlde Hath Wroughte - Alexander, Stephen
61. Have Done, You Men And Wemen All - Pinto, David
62. Now In The Name Of God I Will Begyne - Alexander, Stephen
63. Noye, Noye, Take Thou Thy Company - Alexander, Stephen
64. Wiffe, Come In! Why Standes Thou Their? - Pinto, David
65. Ha! Children, Me Thinkes My Botte Removes - Alexander, Stephen
66. Now Forty Dayes Are Fullie Gone - Alexander, Stephen
67. Noye, Take Thy Wife Anone - Alexander, Stephen
68. Noye, Heare I Behette Thee A Heste - Alexander, Stephen
69. The Spacious Firmament On High - Angadi, Darien
70. There Was A Ship Came From The North Country - Emney, Mark
71. Then Up Spake The Cabin-Boy - Lovell, Terry
72. Casting His Clothes Off, He Dived Into The Sea - Emney, Mark
73. They Laid Him On The Deck - Emney, Mark
74. "Te Lúcis Ante Términum"
75. "I Am The Ferryman"
76. "I Come From The Westland"
77. "But First May I Ask You"
78. "Clear As A Sky Without A Cloud"
79. "Near The Black Mountains There I Dwelt"
80. "A Thousand Leagues May Sunder"
81. "Ignorant Man!"
82. "I Beg Your Pardon, Living In This Famous Place"
83. "Curlew River, Smoothly Flowing"
84. "Today Is An Important Day"
85. "Look! While You Were Listening To My Story"
86. "Ferryman, Tell Me, When Did It Happen"
87. "Hoping, I Wander'd On"
88. "He Whose Life Was Full Of Promise"
89. "The Moon Has Risen"
90. "Go Your Way In Peace, Mother"
91. "Good Souls, We Have Shown You Here"
92. Salus Aeterna (Original Version)
93. Good People, In His Holy Name (Original Version)
94. By The Royal Command (Original Version)
95. Adept In Magic (Original Version)
96. The Waters Of Babylon (Original Version) - Taylor, Christopher
97. Sirs, What Is This? (Original Version)
98. We Do Not Lack Enemies (Original Version)
99. By The Royal Decree (Original Version)
100. Procession (Original Version)
101. Merodak! Lord Of Creation (Original Version)
102. Bring Them Here Before My Majesty (Original Version)
103. O King, Nebuchadnezzar (Original Version)
104. O All Ye Works Of The Lord (Original Version)
105. Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego (Original Version)
106. O Ye Winter And Summer (Original Version)
107. Good People, We Have Shown You Here (Original Version)
108. Jam Lucis Orto Sidere (Original Version)
109. Ah You People (Original Version)
110. The Ceremony (Original Version)
111. I Am Father To You All (Original Version)
112. Forgive My Asking You (Original Version)
113. Father, May I Speak To You? (Original Version)
114. Take Your Due Portion (Original Version)
115. Go, If You Must Go (Original Version)
116. Welcome, Welcome Stranger! (Original Version)
117. You Are Tired From A Long Journey (Original Version)
118. Nights Are Days (Original Version)
119. You Have Gambled And Lost (Original Version)
120. Now - I Have Done What I Said (Original Version)
121. With Joy I Sowed (Original Version)
122. My Son (Original Version)
123. O Sing Unto The Lord (Original Version)
124. My Children, You Have Seen (Original Version)
125. Sweep! Sweep!
126. Sweep This Chimney
127. Now, Little White Boy!
128. Pull The Rope Gently Until He Is Free!
129. Is He Wounded?
130. Sooty Tracks
131. Run, Poor Sweep-Boy
132. The Kettles Are Singing
133. O Why Do You Weep
134. Ah!...Blackguards!
135. Help! Help! She's Collapsed!
136. The Owl, Wide-Winging Through The Sky
137. Soon The Coach Will Carry You Away
138. Morning, Sammy! Lovely Weather
139. Ready, Alfred?
140. Coaching Song: The Horses Are Champing
141. The Children's Crusade, Op.82
142. Prelude (Act 1)
143. The Fool And The Dwarf (Act 1)
144. The Emperor - March (Act 1)
145. Gavotte (Act 1)
146. The Four Kings (Act 1)
147. The King Of The North (Act 1)
148. The King Of The East (Act 1)
149. The King Of The West (Act 1)
150. The King Of The South (Act 1)
151. Belle Epine (Act 1)
152. Belle Rose (Act 1)
153. The Kings And Belle Rose (Act 1)
154. Triumph Of Belle Epine (Act 1)
155. Rage Of The Kings (Act 1)
156. The Four Frogs (Act 1)
157. Air (Act 2 Scene 1)
158. Water (Act 2 Scene 1)
159. Fire (Act 2 Scene 1)
160. Belle Rose In Pagoda-Land (Act 2 Scene 2)
161. The Pagodas (Act 2 Scene 2)
162. The Salamander (Act 2 Scene 2)
163. The Prince And Belle Rose (Act 2 Scene 2)
164. Belle Epine As Empress (Act 3 Scene 1)
165. The Old Emperor (Act 3 Scene 1)
166. Belle Rose And The Salamander (Act 3 Scene 1)
167. Transition (Act 3 Scene 1)
168. The Pagoda Ballet (Act 3 Scene 2)
169. Pas De Six (Act 3 Scene 2)
170. Variation 1 (Act 3 Scene 2)
171. Variation 2 (Act 3 Scene 2)
172. Variation 3 (Act 3 Scene 2)
173. Pas De Trois (Act 3 Scene 2)
174. Pas De Deux (Act 3 Scene 2)
175. Variation 4 (Act 3 Scene 2)
176. Variation 5 (Act 3 Scene 2)
177. Finale (Act 3 Scene 2)
178. Plymouth Town
179. Title Music (Night Mail)
180. Percussion Sequence (Night Mail)
181. End Sequence (Night Mail)
182. Allegro Brillante (The Tocher Rossini Suite)
183. Allegretto (The Tocher Rossini Suite)
184. Allegretto (The Tocher Rossini Suite)
185. Bolero: Allegro Moderato (The Tocher Rossini Suite)
186. Allegro Con Brio (The Tocher Rossini Suite)
187. Allegro Molto Alla Marcia (Part 1)
188. Allegro: Opening Door (Part 1)
189. Allegretto: Messenger Boy (Part 1)
190. Lento Ma Non Troppo: Entry To Lithograph Works (Part 1)
191. Allegro Moderato: Stamp Factory - Machine Starts (Part 1)
192. Minuet: Andante Lento (Part 2)
193. Allegretto: Train Sequence (Part 2)
194. Allegretto: Parliament - The Stamp Bill (Part 2)
195. Allegro (Part 2)
196. Allegro Moderato Alla Marcia (Part 2)
197. Allegro Appassionato - Title Music - 1. Allegro - "In The Middle Ages" (Negroes - Music From Gpo Film)
198. Allegro - "Then The Portuguese And Spaniards" (Negroes - Music From Gpo Film)
199. Allegro Ritmico - "At The Mouth Of The Senegal" (Negroes - Music From Gpo Film)
200. Andante Con Moto - "To Sail From Africa To Jamaica" (Negroes - Music From Gpo Film)
201. "The Slaves Were The Absolute Property Of Their Masters" (Negroes - Music From Gpo Film)
202. Andante Lento -"The More Advanced Thinkers In Europe" (Negroes - Music From Gpo Film)
203. Andante Con Molto Moto - "Still At Their Accustomed Hour" (Negroes - Music From Gpo Film)
204. Allegro Ritmico - "Coffee From The Blue Mountains" (Negroes - Music From Gpo Film)
205. Introduction (The Way To The Sea)
206. Romans (The Way To The Sea)
207. Alfred (The Way To The Sea)
208. "There Is, At This Point Of The Haven" (The Way To The Sea)
209. "The Eighteenth Century" (The Way To The Sea)
210. "Nelson Has Gone" (The Way To The Sea)
211. "169 Trains A Week" (The Way To The Sea)
212. "The Line Waits" (The Way To The Sea)
213. "Here Is A Harbour" (The Way To The Sea)
214. "We Seek A Spectacle" (The Way To The Sea)
215. Allegro Molto - Alla Marcia (The Way To The Sea)
216. Telegrams
217. Peace Of Britain
218. Title Music (Men Behind The Meters)
219. Andantino: "I Dreamt That I Dwelt In Marble Halls" (Men Behind The Meters)
220. Allegro Moderato: 1935 Sequence (Men Behind The Meters)
221. Andante: "A Sterile Landscape" (Coal Face)
222. "Coal Mining Is The Basic Industry Of Britain" (Coal Face)
223. Andante: "The Chief Coal-Producing Centres" (Coal Face)
224. "Yorkshire And Lancashire" (Coal Face)
225. Moderato: "The Temp'rature Often Reaches" (Coal Face)
226. Andante: "The Seven And A Half Hour Shift" (Coal Face)
227. Ad Libitum Sempre: "One Thirty A.M." (Coal Face)
228. Allegro Ma Non Troppo: "In Many Pits" (Coal Face)
229. Allegro Molto: "The Shift Is Finished" (Coal Face)
230. "Making Up Coal Trains" (Coal Face)
231. Allegro: "Coal Mining Is The Basic Industry" (Coal Face)
232. Andante: "There Are The Miners" (Coal Face)
233. When You're Feeling Like Expressing Your Affection
234. Title Music (Love From A Tranger)
235. Traffic Music (Love From A Tranger)
236. Brighton (Love From A Tranger)
237. Love Music (Love From A Tranger)
238. Channel Crossing (Love From A Tranger)
239. End Titles (Love From A Tranger)
240. Overture (Johnson Over Jordan Suite)
241. Introduction (Johnson Over Jordan Suite)
242. Incinerators' Ballet (Johnson Over Jordan Suite)
243. The Spider And The Fly (Johnson Over Jordan Suite)
244. Approach Of Death (Johnson Over Jordan Suite)
245. End Music (Johnson Over Jordan Suite)
246. Eight Years Have Passed (Part 1)
247. Yet Not All Reached Their Homes (Part 1)
248. Worse Still, The Island (Part 1)
249. Children Have Died Of Want (Part 1)
250. Yet Some Trust In An End (Part 1)
251. Your Prayer Is Answered, Penelope (Part 1)
252. Long Suffering Odysseus (Part 1)
253. Listen. The Voices Of The Gods (Part 1)
254. I, Athene, Rise To The Edge Of Night (Part 2)
255. When I See The Sorrow Of Mortal Odysseus (Part 2)
256. How Loud The Spring Sounds All Of A Sudden (Part 2)
257. Bold - Telemachus, Watch The Shadow On The Wall! (Part 2)
258. There It Is Before You (Part 2)
259. Listen, Lords Of Ithaca (Part 2)
260. Telemachus, Be Swift! (Part 2)
261. Now There Is Silence (Part 2)
262. Chaos (The Company Of Heaven)
263. The Morning Stars (The Company Of Heaven)
264. Angels Appear To Jacob, Elisha And Mary (The Company Of Heaven)
265. Christ, The Fair Glory (The Company Of Heaven)
266. War In Heaven (The Company Of Heaven)
267. Heaven Is Here (The Company Of Heaven)
268. A Thousand, Thousand Gleaming Fires (The Company Of Heaven)
269. Funeral March For A Boy (The Company Of Heaven)
270. Whoso Dwelleth Under The Defence Of The Most High (The Company Of Heaven)
271. There Came Out Also At This Time (The Company Of Heaven)
272. Ye Watchers And Ye Holy Ones (The Company Of Heaven)
273. The Sword In The Stone
274. Russian Funeral - March For Brass And Percussion (1936)
275. Fanfare: 'The Eagle Has Two Heads'
276. The Clock On The Wall (Instrumental Arrangement By Daryl Runswick)
277. Boogie-Woogie (Instrumental Arrangement By Daryl Runswick)

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