B.B. King. Mr. B.B. King

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Audio CD B.B. King. Mr. B.B. King
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B.B. King. Mr. B.B. King

Исполнитель: B.B. King
Производство: Universal Music Group International
768 мин., 2012 год., Европейский Союз
Количество дисков: 10
Лейбл: Universal Music
Тип носителя: Audio CD
Упаковка: Бокс-сет (Box set)
Штрихкод: 0600753384992
Номер товара: 74191

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От издателя об этом Audio CD:
Музыкальный альбом B.B. King
Список музыкальных треков:

1. CD 1 Miss Martha King
2. When Your Baby Packs Up And Goes
3. Got The Blues
4. Take A Swing With Me
5. B.B. Boogie
6. Don't You Want A Man Like Me
7. Fine Looking Woman
8. She's Dynamite
9. Three O'Clock Blues
10. That Ain't The Way To Do It
11. You Know I Love You
12. Woke Up This Morning
13. Please Love Me
14. Blind Love
15. The Woman I Love
16. Whole Lotta' Love
17. Everyday I Have The Blues
18. Love You Baby (a/k/a Take A Swing With Me)
19. When My Heart Beats Like A Hammer
20. You Upset Me Baby
21. Sneakin' Around
22. Shut Your Mouth
23. Boogie Rock
24. Ten Long Years
25. Crying Won't Help You
26. Bad Luck
27. Troubles, Troubles, Troubles
28. CD 2 Sweet Little Angel
29. Early In The Morning
30. (I'm Gonna) Quit My Baby
31. On My Word Of Honor
32. Days Of Old
33. Recession Blues
34. Please Accept My Love
35. Everyday I Have The Blues
36. Precious Lord
37. Sweet Sixteen, Parts1 & 2
38. Don't Get Around Much Anymore
39. I'll Survive
40. (I've) Got A Right To Love My Baby
41. It's My Own Fault
42. You Done Lost Your Good Thing Now
43. Walking Dr. Bill
44. Catfish Blues (Fishin' After Me)
45. Partin' Time
46. You're Breaking My Heart
47. Rock Me Baby
48. Blue Shadows
49. The Jungle
50. That Evil Child
51. CD 3 You Ask Me
52. I'm Gonna Sit In 'Til You Give In
53. Blues At Midnight
54. My Baby's Coming Home
55. Chains Of Love
56. Sneakin' Around
57. Slowly Losing My Mind
58. How Blue Can You Get?
59. Whole Lotta Lovin'
60. I Wonder Why
61. Please Accept My Love
62. Help The Poor
63. Never Trust A Woman
64. Worryin' Blues
65. Stop Leadin' Me On
66. Everyday I Have The Blues
67. Sweet Little Angel
68. It's My Own Fault
69. How Blue Can You Get?
70. Please Love Me
71. Tired Of Your Jive
72. All Over Again
73. I'd Rather Drink Muddy Water
74. Cherry Red
75. You're Still A Square
76. Don't Answer The Door, Parts1 & 2
77. Waitin' On You
78. Night Life
79. CD 4 Gambler's Blues
80. Buzz Me
81. Sweet Sixteen, Parts1 & 2
82. Think It Over
83. I Done Got Wise
84. Paying The Cost To Be The Boss
85. I'm Gonna Do What They Do To Me
86. Dance With Me
87. Lucille
88. Watch Yourself
89. You Put It On Me
90. Messy But Good
91. Get Myself Somebody
92. My Mood
93. I Want You So Bad
94. Get Off My Back Woman
95. Why I Sing The Blues
96. CD 5 The Thrill Is Gone
97. Confessin' The Blues
98. So Excited
99. No Good
100. Go Underground
101. Nobody Loves Me But My Mother
102. Chains And Things
103. Ask Me No Questions
104. Hummingbird
105. Everyday I Have The Blues
106. How Blue Can You Get?
107. Worry, Worry
108. Sweet Sixteen
109. Eyesight To The Blind
110. Niji Baby
111. The Thrill Is Gone
112. CD 6 I Got Some Help I Don't Need
113. Blue Shadows
114. Ghetto Woman
115. Ain't Nobody Home
116. Guess Who
117. Five Long Years
118. I Like To Live The Love
119. To Know You Is To Love You
120. Philadelphia
121. 3 O'Clock Blues (live)
122. Lucille Talks Back
123. Reconsider Baby
124. Don't Make Me Pay For His Mistakes
125. Let The Good Times Roll (live)
126. Don't You Lie To Me
127. Mother Fuyer
128. The Same Love That Made Me Laugh
129. CD 7 When It All Comes Down (I'll Still Be Around)
130. Hold On (I Feel Our Love Is Changing)
131. Never Make Your Move Too Soon
132. Better Not Look Down
133. Happy Birthday Blues
134. I've Always Been Lonely
135. Caldonia (live)
136. I Got Some Help I Don't Need (live)
137. Life Ain't Nothing But A Party
138. The Victim
139. There Must Be A Better World Somewhere
140. Nightlife / Please Send Me Someone To Love
141. Inflation Blues
142. Sell My Monkey
143. Darlin' You Know I Love You
144. Make Love To Me
145. CD 8 Into The Night
146. Six Silver Strings
147. When Love Comes To Town
148. Standing On The Edge Of Love
149. Lay Another Log On The Fire
150. Take Off Your Shoes
151. Nobody Love Me But My Mother (live)
152. Right Place, Wrong Time
153. All Over Again (live)
154. I'm Moving On
155. Back In L.A.
156. Fool Me Once
157. There Is Always One More Time
158. Monday Morning Blues (Blues For Mr. G)
159. Since I Met You Baby (live)
160. CD 9 Playin' With My Friends
161. There's Something On Your Mind
162. I Gotta Move Out Of This Neighborhood / Nobody Loves Me But My Mother
163. You Don't Know Me
164. Stormy Monday Blues
165. Rock Me Baby (live)
166. Confessin' The Blues
167. Paying The Cost To Be The Boss
168. Blues Man
169. Bad Case Of Love
170. Blues Boys Tune
171. I'll Survive
172. Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens
173. I'm Gonna Move To The Outskirts Of Town
174. Ain't That Just Like A Woman
175. Caldonia
176. CD 10 Ten Long Years
177. 2 Key To The Highway
178. I Got To Leave This Woman
179. Monday Woman
180. Don't Go No Farther
181. You're On Top
182. Back Door Santa
183. Exactly Like You
184. Sinner's Prayer
185. Early In The Morning
186. Rock This House
187. You Have A Way
188. Everybody Loves You
189. Key To The Highway (live)
190. Midnight Blues
191. Get These Blues Off Me
192. See That My Grave Is Kept Clean
193. Waiting For Your Call
194. Haunted House

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