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Christopher Hogwood. Purcell: Dido & Aeneas; The indian queen
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1. Christopher Hogwood. Purcell: Dido & Aeneas; The indian queen (2 CD)

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Audio CD Christopher Hogwood. Purcell: Dido & Aeneas; The indian queen

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Christopher Hogwood. Purcell: Dido & Aeneas; The indian queen

Исполнитель: Christopher Hogwood
Производство: Decca
131 мин., 2012 год., Европейский Союз
Количество дисков: 2
Тип носителя: Audio CD
Лейбл: Decca
Штрихкод: 0028947834045
Номер товара: 74200

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От издателя об этом Audio CD:

Музыкальный альбом Christopher Hogwood

Список музыкальных треков:

1. CD 1 Overture
2. Shake the Cloud from Off Your Brow
3. Ah! Belinda, I Am Prest With Torment
4. When Monarchs Unite
5. Whence Could So Much Virtue Spring?
6. Fear No Danger
7. See, See, Your Royal Guest Appears
8. Cupid Only Throws the Dart
9. If Not for Mine
10. Pursue Thy Conquest, Love
11. A Dance Gittars Chacony
12. To the Hills and the Vales
13. The Triumphing Dance
14. Prelude for the Witches - Wayward Sisters
15. Harm's Our Delight
16. The Queen of Carthage, Whom We Hate
17. In Our Deep Vaulted Cell
18. Echo Dance of the Furies
19. Ritornelle - Thanks to These Lonesome Vales
20. Glitter Ground - A Dance
21. Oft She Visits - Ritornelle
22. Behold Upon My Bending Spear
23. Haste, Haste to Town
24. Stay, Prince, Stay
25. Ritornelle
26. Prelude - 'Come Away, Fellow Sailors'
27. The Sailors' Dance
28. See the Flags and Streamers Curling
29. Destruction's Our Delight
30. The Witches' Dance
31. Your Counsel All Is Urg'd in Vain
32. Great Minds Against Themselves Conspire
33. Thy Hand Belinda - When I Am Laid in Earth
34. With Drooping Wings
35. CD 2 Overture
36. Second Music: Air - Hornpipe
37. Overture
38. Trumpet Tune
39. Wake Quivera, Wake
40. Why Should Men Quarrel?
41. By Ancient Prophesies
42. Trumpet Tune
43. Symphony
44. I Come to Sing Great Zempoalla's Story
45. What Flatt'ring Noise Is This?
46. Scorn'd Envy, Here's Nothing
47. Trumpet Tune
48. We Come to Sing Great Zempoalla's Story
49. Dance
50. Second Act Tune
51. Dance
52. Ye Twice the Hundred Deities - By the Croaking
53. Symphony - Seek Not to Know
54. Trumpet Overture
55. Ah, How Happy Are We
56. We the Spirits of the Air
57. I Attempt from Love's Sickness to Fly
58. Third Act Tune: Rondeau
59. They Tell Us That Your Mighty Powers
60. Fourth Act Tune: Air
61. While Thus We Bow
62. You, Who at the Alter - All Dismal Sounds
63. Symphony
64. To Bless the Genial Bed - Come All at My Call
65. I'm Glad I Have Met Him
66. The Joys of Wedlock - Sound the Trumpet
67. Make Haste
68. Trumpet Air - Let Loud Renown

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