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Davy Graham. Anthology 1961-2007 Lost Tapes (LP)
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1. Davy Graham. Anthology 1961-2007 Lost Tapes (2 LP)

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LP Davy Graham. Anthology 1961-2007 Lost Tapes (LP)

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Davy Graham. Anthology 1961-2007 Lost Tapes (LP)

Исполнитель: Davy Graham
Производство: Music On Vinyl
2012 год., Германия
Количество дисков: 2
Тип носителя: LP (Виниловая пластинка)
Упаковка: Картонный конверт
Штрихкод: 8718469530311
Номер товара: 89088

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От издателя об этом LP:

For a guitarist who's never risen above cult status despite his influential and often excellent work, Davy Graham's been honored with a good number of collections of rare and previously unreleased material. At the time of its 2012 release, this three-CD compilation was certainly the most extensive of them, with live recordings, demos, and miscellaneous tapes spanning 1961 to 2007. Quite a few of these songs were included in different versions on the official releases he issued during his lifetime, including some of the more celebrated tunes associated with him, such as "Anji" (heard twice), "Maajun," and "Blues Raga." The majority of the tracks were done during his most creative period in the '60s, with disc one featuring performances from 1961-1963; disc two cuts from 1965-1970, and disc three material from 1970-2007. Though the fidelity is variable, as you'd expect from recordings (according to the liner notes) "collected, unearthed and assembled over a very long time; left in cupboards and boxes, listened to and then left to ferment and mature for a longer time still," it's fairly good on the whole, and not so lo-fi to make for difficult listening.Of note on disc one are five tracks from the acetate of Graham's first audition in 1962, as well as the earliest recording (from 1961) of his signature song "Anji." Disc two has some live stuff from a 1965 folk club gig of notably rougher sound quality than most of the set. But it also has as the entire anthology's highlight a ten-minute version of "Blues Raga" that's one of his most ambitious pieces, and the one that most explicitly combined blues with Indian music. ("Blues Raga" and another song, "When Did You Leave Heaven?," seem to be the same performances that were included on the early-'70s compilation LP Rock Generation, Vol. 8.) Disc three is of less interest as it heads toward the final years of Graham's life, but the constant elements of his style that continue to fascinate listeners -- an unpredictably eclectic hybrid of folk, blues, jazz, and Indian/middle eastern/African/world music elements, usually played with virtuosic imagination -- are present throughout. Maybe exact recording dates and sources were unavailable for many of the tapes, but it is frustrating that most of the tracks are not detailed at all in these respects, other than the span of years given for each CD. Some of the cuts on disc two, for instance, seem to be from a radio broadcast, but which one and where it was done is left unsaid; interesting items on disc three seem to have been done with accompanists on Indian instruments, though again details aren't forthcoming. As some compensation, there are rare photos, clippings, and documents taken from the scrapbook Graham himself kept from 1961 to 1980. ~ Richie Unterberger

Дополнительные материалы:

- 12" винил 180 г

Список музыкальных треков:

1. LP 1 Southbound Train
2. Here Comes the Carnival
3. Hallelujah I Love Her So
4. Take Five
5. Careless Love
6. Anji
7. Saturday Night Shuffle
8. Fannin Street
9. How Long
10. Hey Bud Blues
11. Geno's Tune
12. Broonzy Stomp
13. Fingerbuster
14. Worksong
15. Guitar shuffle/ House Party Starting
16. Anji Fragment
17. When Did you Leave Heaven
18. LP 2 Blues Raga
19. The Gold Ring
20. Happy Meeting in Glory
21. Blue Bossa
22. De Visee Suite
23. Grooveyard
24. New Junkies Blues
25. So Tired/Panic Room Blues
26. AK's Blues
27. Forty Tonne Parachute
28. Rumores De La Caletta

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